Urge the Biden administration to reject permits for the Willow Project that threatens arctic wildlife and habitat!

Oil companies are tearing apart our environment while they reap record profits – but we can still take action to save wildlife in danger right now in the Arctic! 

ConocoPhillips plans to make the climate crisis much, much worse with a proposed massive oil and gas extraction effort known as the Willow Project. This project would industrialize thousands of acres of fragile Arctic habitat in the heart of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (Reserve) – habitat that is critical to the survival of threatened polar bears, as well as caribou, migratory birds and more. 

The Biden administration must now decide whether to issue a final permit that will pave the way for the Willow Project to unleash 250 million metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere over the next 30 years.

Save Arctic Wildlife: Urge the Biden administration to reject permitting the Willow Project and defend critical wildlife habitat in the Reserve!

*Defenders will submit your name, city, state and comment. All comments become part of the public record.



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