Tell the Biden administration to protect vulnerable wolves in the Northern Rockies!

In many states, wolves once again are protected from threats to their survival – but in the Northern Rockies, the deadly crisis continues.

A federal district court recently struck down a Trump administration decision that stripped wolves in much of the lower 48 states of their federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections. Unfortunately, wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming remain at the mercy of unconscionable wolf killing practices.

Hundreds of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies have been killed in the last year, including over 20 wolves from Yellowstone National Park. The attacks are getting more outrageous – Idaho just approved over $1 million to kill the state’s wolves, and Wyoming is fast-tracking a bill to allow private contractors to kill wolves and other predators from aircraft.

These wolves need our help, and we will not abandon them. Urge the Biden administration to stop cruel wolf killings and enact an emergency relisting for wolves in the Northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act!

Add your signature: Urge the Interior Department to protect wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming!



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