Pledge to Save Biodiversity!

There’s a new call for a national strategy to save wildlife and our planet – but it needs your support!

Extinction impacts us all: Up to one million species face extinction, many within decades, and we are only starting to experience the fallout of nature's collapse.

We are the only species that can choose to act for the sake of our future and that of Earth's biodiversity. The time to protect biodiversity is now!

Take a stand against extinction and pledge to protect biodiversity! You can help by taking actions such as:

  • Calling on the Biden administration to create a National Biodiversity Strategy
  • Supporting state resolutions for a National Biodiversity Strategy
  • Advocating for local resolutions to protect biodiversity
  • Supporting Defenders’ efforts to protect wildlife and their habitat

The biodiversity crisis that threatens our natural world is being caused by human activities. Destruction of habitat, pollution, climate change, the spread of invasive species, and overexploitation of wildlife are pushing countless species to the brink.

There’s still time to pull back from the cliff of extinction. Don’t let time run out for our natural world – support a National Biodiversity Strategy with your pledge today!


Defenders of Wildlife

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