Protect the Tongass from logging: Reinstate the Roadless Rule!

America’s largest national forest is still in danger – but we have a chance to make things right!

In 2020, the Trump administration eliminated the “roadless rule” that protected the Tongass National Forest, exposing precious old-growth forest habitat – and the animals that live there – to the dangers of logging and road-building.

It was a mistake to liquidate so much of this ecosystem. Loggers have already cut down half of the largest old growth trees in the Tongass. Keeping the remaining forests intact is the best way we can ensure the survival of this ecosystem.

Now the Biden administration can right this wrong by restoring those roadless rule protections to the Tongass. Make sure they hear from you today!

Save the Tongass: Tell the U.S. Forest Service to reinstate the Roadless Area Conservation Rule in the Tongass National Forest to protect wildlife and forest habitat for years to come!


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