Help Mexican gray wolves get the protections they need to survive!

Mexican gray wolves are still struggling to recover from the brink of extinction. We need your help to get them the protections they need, today!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has released their proposed revision to the Mexican gray wolf 10(j) rule, a set of regulations that determine how to manage populations of those wolves.

The problem is that their revision fails to support wolf recovery – and these endangered wolves need all the support they can get to survive.

We need to take real steps to keep these wolves safe, steps like expanding the boundaries of safe wolf habitat, connecting populations and improving genetic health, and setting scientifically-based population goals.

The FWS can help these wolves survive by changing their proposed revisions to support those steps. Now they need to hear from you!

Add your comment: Urge the FWS to update their revised 10(j) rule to help Mexican gray wolves survive the threat of extinction!


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