Urge the FWS to put a stop to reckless horseshoe crab blood harvesting

Horseshoe crabs are being bled dry in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge – we need your help to keep their populations from plummeting!

Big pharma harvests horseshoe crab blood each spring when those crabs come out of the ocean to lay their eggs. The harvesting process poses a serious threat to horseshoe crabs’ survival and ability to reproduce. Lab workers puncture these crabs and drain up to a third of their blood. At least hundreds of crabs from Cape Romain die each year, and those that make it back to the water are so lethargic that they may not be able to reproduce.

Lone Horseshoe Crab  (c) Ariane Mueller

It’s critical that we protect these horseshoe crabs for the sake of their entire ecosystem. Imperiled red knots and other migratory birds depend on healthy crab populations – and if those populations crash, these already vulnerable birds could suffer severe harm.

Help us protect these horseshoe crabs from unsustainable harvesting. Tell the Fish & Wildlife Service to stop this season’s harvest before more crabs and imperiled wildlife are affected!


Principal Deputy Director
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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