Urge the FWS to prevent more tragic manatee deaths from starvation and pollution!

A heartbreaking streak of over 850 manatee deaths has shocked scientists and wildlife lovers alike – we must act immediately to save Florida’s state marine mammal!

These deaths are the result of a number of deadly factors that have plunged manatee population numbers into freefall. Pollution is destroying the seagrass they depend on for survival, causing hundreds of manatees to turn up dead across the central and south Atlantic coast of Florida, many with signs of starvation.  

This crisis needs an immediate and powerful response. We’re calling on the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to protect manatees and their habitat to save manatees right now and to prevent similar crises from happening in the future.  

Urge the FWS to protect and restore manatee habitat – click here to add your signature!

Mother Manatee and Calf (c) Sam Farkas/NOAA


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