Restore the Great Florida Riverway

The Great Florida Riverway is a 217-mile river system that spans from the Green Swamp in Central Florida all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. This riverway and the surrounding ecosystems provide important habitat for species like Florida manatees, Florida black bears, bald eagles, panthers and bobcats.

But the Ocklawaha River, the heart of the Great Florida Riverway, is now one of America’s most endangered rivers. The Ocklawaha was dammed in 1968 for a canal that was never completed, flooding over 7,500 acres of forested wetlands and harming the river’s water quality.

Restoring the Great Florida Riverway will help reestablish access to critical habitat for Florida’s water wildlife. Urge Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis to commit to protecting Florida’s waterways with your signature!

Add your signature to join us in urging Governor DeSantis to restore the Great Florida Riverway. It is time to secure the future of Florida’s iconic species!


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