Colorado: Tell your legislators to endorse Proposition 114 for wolf reintroduction!

Make sure that your state legislators know they can help bring gray wolves back to the mountains of Colorado by endorsing Proposition 114!

This measure would direct Colorado Parks and Wildlife develop and implement a science-based plan to safely reintroduce wolves to western Colorado – with public input.

By endorsing Proposition 114, state legislators can help raise support for wolf restoration across the state, increasing the chances for this measure to succeed.

We owe it to future generations to help restore Colorado’s natural balance. You can do your part by ensuring your elected officials know you support efforts to reintroduce wolves to western Colorado!

Urge your legislator to support wolf reintroduction to Colorado by endorsing Proposition 114!

*If one or more of your legislators have endorsed Proposition 114, they will be filtered from receiving your comment.


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