Pledge to vote YES on Prop 114 to restore Colorado’s gray wolves!

This November, Coloradans have an opportunity to return gray wolves across their historic range and to preserve the wilds of the Centennial State for future generations. Join us and Restore the Howl this November by voting YES on Proposition 114!

Reintroducing gray wolves to Colorado will help restore and maintain the state’s natural balance. Wolves have a critical role to play as a keystone species – but the Southern Rockies have not had a self-sustaining wolf population since they were driven out by humans nearly a century ago.

Your vote will empower Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to reintroduce the wolf using the best available science through a plan that’s right for Colorado.  

Pledge to support wolves this November by Voting YES on 114 and joining the movement to restore Colorado’s natural balance!


Defenders of Wildlife

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