Support this bill to protect wild animals from deadly poisoned bait

Assembly Bill (AB) 1788 will protect California’s wildlife from deadly poisons and will be voted on soon by the State Senate and Assembly. We need your help to make sure it succeeds!

AB 1788 aims to curb unnecessary deaths caused by second generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs). These rodenticides don’t just kill rodents: Up to 95% of certain populations of predator species in California have been exposed to SGARs after eating poisoned animals.

This bill would protect our communities and ecosystems by putting a hold on most uses of SGARs until these toxic chemicals can be reevaluated. Additional restrictions would be put in place to ensure that SGARs no longer have significant adverse effects on nontarget wildlife.

Too many of California’s wild animals are suffering and dying after being exposed to SGARs. You can help put a stop to it!

Urge your legislators to vote YES on AB 1788 to prevent these poisons from spreading through wildlife and our communities​!


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