Stop the Interior Department's attack on habitat and wildlife

The administration is continuing their campaign to gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by proposing a new definition of “habitat” that could limit protections for critical areas that imperiled wildlife need to recover.

The Interior Department’s re-definition of habitat has glaring blind spots that will put vulnerable wildlife in grave danger. They ignore the need to restore damaged habitat, or to plan for shifts in an animal’s territory due to climate change.

That could make it harder - or impossible - to protect areas needed now and in the future for species like the polar bear, Canada lynx, North Atlantic right whale, coral reefs… the list goes on.

With many species in decline due to habitat loss, we need to keep more habitat protected to ensure their survival – but the Interior Department insists on making it easier for the pattern of destruction to continue.

Add your signature: Tell the Interior Department to abandon this attack on protections for America’s most vulnerable wildlife!


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