Tell your representative to vote against this amendment threatening the Desert Refuge

We need your help to stop this natural and cultural treasure from being turned into a military training ground!

Bighorn sheep, desert tortoises and other marvelous wildlife depend on habitat in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. But most of the Refuge – 70% of this protected land – would fall under Air Force control, if this newly adopted amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization passes the House. That’s in addition to the already vast Nevada Test and Training Range.

It would also strip the US Fish and Wildlife Service of important authority over this area – which could jeopardize the remarkable comeback of the desert bighorn sheep, among other catastrophic consequences for wildlife.

This is extremely urgent – the House of Representatives is expected to vote on this soon. We need you to stand up to this land grab before it’s too late!

Shut down military overreach: Tell your representative to vote against this amendment on behalf of irreplaceable wildlife and habitat!


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