Help save polar bears from oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Threatened polar bears and other vulnerable animals in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are in big trouble and they need our help!

The Department of the Interior could sell off oil drilling rights across the entire Arctic Refuge coastal plain all 1.56 million acres of arctic habitat. And if Big Oil has its way, what is now a serene habitat that supports iconic wildlife could soon become a polluted industrial wasteland.

These polar bears are already suffering from the effects of climate change and fighting for their lives – and if oil development comes to the coastal plain, they’ll have nowhere to go.

Big Oil's reckless hunt for profit could be the final blow for polar bears struggling to survive in a refuge that was created to keep them safe.

And it's not just polar bears: if this wild landscape is industrialized, caribou, wolves, migratory birds and more will suffer from the constant deafening noise of machinery tearing apart this habitat, as well as the specter of toxic oil spills on land and at sea.

Tell the Department of the Interior: Don't sell off critical wildlife habitat in the Arctic Refuge!


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